Imagian works collaboratively with clients to evaluate, create and manage their place brand assets. We do this through a renowned blend of strategic thinking and creativity, supported with world-class scientific knowledge, and by offering unique tools to execute brilliantly.

Our approach to Place Brand creation and management is a continuous process that offers specific services aimed at creating step-by-step programmes towards excellence in place branding.

We know the challenges and understand the complexity of branding a place. Our state-of-the-art brand management techniques are managerially tested and scientifically sound. We never give advise without understanding. We demonstrate that the power to initiate change isn’t simply offering choice, but providing a conclusive reason for that choice.

Place brand management often requires a multi-disciplinary approach, and may require specialized knowledge in utilization of Social Media, Service Design, ICT, HRD and many other relevant fields. For every client we will form a team of cutting-edge specialists from all fields relevant, either in-house or through our extensive partner-network.


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